Ashbourne Derbyshire

Ashbourne is a famous market town in the Derbyshire Dales, England and worlds famous for shopping, its historical buildings, many independent shops and old traditional football match such as Shrovetide. The picturesque Ashbourne is also known as Georgian heritage, handsome Tudor, welcoming Market Place and 'The Gateway to Dovedale' because of winding cobbled streets.

Interesting Facts about Ashbourne:

Well undoubtedly this place has gained importance for those who are interested to know its fascinating history that includes over and above 200 listed buildings with the beautiful architecture of almshouses, genteel townhouses and coaching inns, and also provides fair chance to explore the limestone landscapes of the southern White Peak.

  • The 17th-century Mansion is another highlight of this town which was once home to the 'King of Ashbourne', and hence this town got this name. Dr Samuel Johnson was a frequent visitor of this place in the 1700s, known as the author of the first-ever English dictionary.

  • Shrovetide Football game which is a traditional game of Ashbourne was started by famous figures of England Prince Charles, Sir Stanley Matthews and The Duke of Devonshire. They use to play this game every Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, which today is a unique and unruly event that bears little resemblance to one of our modern games!

  • Those who have a shopping list in their handbags; this place is must visit on their cards. It really adds pleasure to their trip with a plethora of small, family-run businesses and once in a week open-air market. Have fun walking down the streets to browse for beautiful antiques, have some quality food and drink, purchase some designer fashion pieces and much more. Enjoy every morning with a sip of coffee, have lunch in the best restaurants and hotels, afternoon tea in a selection of cafes, inns and tea rooms.

  • If you get some time to get around in Ashbourne, you will find that even the walkers, cyclists and horse riders will appreciate the fact that this town sits just at the start of the traffic that is known as free Tissington Trail. It is also a green gateway to Dovedale and the Pennine Bridleway that joints in the north with the famous High Peak Trail.


Ashbourne with historical buildings, a plethora of independent shops and the old Shrovetide football game is world famous tourist spot that draws millions of tourists every year to witness its history that is also known as The Gateway to Dovedale. Enjoy the street walks for viewing its week open-air market and do a handful of shopping.